Thursday, 5 February 2009


I try ignoring the snow effect in the Middle England and the whole of the U.K. On the first of February whilst driving to spend the Night in Leicestershire high fields, The snow started affecting traffic and the road conditions.

I decided it will be wise to spend the night with a friend than wait for the unprepared English county councils to grit the roads, since i had an exam to sit the next day. I drive carefully up to two miles before reaching the area of Corby and Markfields. There was an under pass full with snow and slippery flakes. Before i know anything, my car swerve violently to the opposite direction. I literally face where i was driving from. Lucky me, there was no car following. I blasted the horn and quickly turn back to were i was heading to. Suddenly a car emerge from the other direction joining the main road. I blasted the horn again, because i was not in full speed then, he could easily ram into into me easily.

I said nothing to anyone , snow fall is a rear occurrence, so no need to make a fuss about it when fall once in hile heavily. The following morning after our exams, some Friends of mine decided to indulge in old folk snow fights. I couldn't believe it, I am seriously a 32 year old adult. My knees are going and embarking on a midday snow fight! huh. I said not for me.
I decided to head home slowly through the over 35 miles journey.
Then today, i woke up to find the midlands covered in snow every where. Well, i thought it will be business as usual. Guess what? the schools were closed, my wife had already left, so it's me who has to stay home. Haa, now i have to make a fuss about this now. All my engagement cancelled due to snow. Now then, is this how the Scottish manage their every day snow? Is this how the Finish, Germans or Icelandic manage the snow? Or even the Polish.
But, i decided to spend even more quality time with the children, making an in fact snow man and snow fighting instead. Enjoy it folks, i am. United Kingdom, don't let the snow bring the whole country to a hault.

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