Saturday, 7 February 2009

Brothers ans sisters, i encourage you to listen to this short lecture by Sheik Abu Usama on the definition of arrogance and pride. Pride is explain in Islam as only suitable for God the Almighty. We as humans should avoid belittling each other and be available to every human being who seeks our association. To be frank, the effect of our status and wealth are things that can easily make us proud and be inaccessible. Whatever one has, you are just one mortal among the over six billion people.
We shouldn't hate base of race, tribe or language. Or on any mundane basis. We hate because that is more appropriate. Example when someone is oppressing other human beings. we hate that person's actions not his humanity. Our brotherhood should be base of love and unity in our believe in God the most High. Many of us one way or the other may have made a mistake of thinking you are above a certain person because you have something, he/she doesn't or because you are from a certain family or tribe and someone else is not. These are baseless reason to be arrogant. To love one's language and tribe doesn't mean one is proud, but when it pushes you to go overboard and start hating others, then you are arrogant. This means you reject the facts of God's creation and try to promote falsehood. The lecture is short but eye opening. Lets bow down to only God the creator, cherisher and sustainer. He is the one who bless us with whatever we have, in terms of successes and hardship. May Allah make us humble and loving people.

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