Sunday, 15 February 2009


The Imam of state house mosque Imam Abdoulie fatty did a brilliant lecture on the responsibilities of leaders in an Islamic perspective. I know the Imam has been criticise by many for his association with Yahya by virtue of his role as state house Imam. But some critic' blanketly attack the Imam on flimsy basis.
The methodology of the Al-Sunnah Waljamah (the body of sunni muslim) is not for an Imam to use his pulpit to directly criticising a leader. The Imams are obliged to advice world leaders in a respectable and cordial way. This is mostly done in private to avoid creating confrontation between themselves and the Head of state. If the world leaders start cracking down on religious leaders, the potentials of a civil unrest in highly likely. And Imams are under restrict injunction not to be responsible for instigating a state of unrest.
Imam Fatty has done his bit in utilising the holy text and the traditions of the Prophet and his companion in admonishing rulers. He cannot by name condemn the head of state, especially a tyrannical one.
The Imam should do more and reiterate the importance of human more explicitly. The head of state play politics with religion, if the Imam make examples of tyrants of the past and what will happen to them. He should use his qutba/sermon to highlight the punishment that awaits human right abusers.
I will translate the sermon in due course God-willing. This is the link to the sermon:


Kebba S. said...

Hi suntou, is a great thing. As we say back home; only Allah can pay you this website.

i do agree with some of the things you said about an imam in relation to advising a leader. however, the way things are in The Gambia, i am not even sure that in-house advice you stated happens.


Thanks Kebba S, you may be right.But we have to bear in mind the eratic naure of our H.E. I don't he looks like one who will listen to rational voices. The Imams should be urged to carry on their duty without fear and favour. The way our head of state operate, he wouldn't be one who takes heed of wise words. Arrogance can easily lead one into hell.