Sunday, 1 February 2009

Bush dance (nghan sin dance)

I came across this jaliba Kuyateh video about the circumcision dance for males. I don't remember dancing that way. It is a tradition for male Nghanshins to dance to a tune when their wounds healed. But we use to jump up and legs cross and down gently. Jaliba has indeed commercialise mandinka kewulo.
watch the video.
If you have perform the circumcision dance tell me how your area perform it. Kingtanbas were well respected members of our society. They look after young people and made sure every body is looked after properly. They also inculcate in young people self-respect and moral ethiquites. That old tradition is now all but gone. The demarcation between men and women world is wide open. There were somethings ladies that men don't know and cannot enquire about, and vice verse for women.
Jaliba's dancers seems to confuse the whole dance routine.

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