Friday, 27 February 2009

For those interested in finding out more about Islamic Finance, Banking, Religious plurality, Islamic studies, community studies and many other courses taught by Muslim check out the youtube links.
The institute is in common relationship with Durham University, Lotborough University and Gloucesterhsire University. Student carry out lectures and researches in Gloucestershire University and loutborough university. Many of Markfield institute past students undertake their PhD's in Durham or Lotborough University.
The Institute helps prepare Muslim students for the global challenges whilst at the same time, focusing on the Islamic world view on contemporary issues, thus breaking the moles created by orientalist in their quest to distort Islam and brainwash Muslims about their own civilisation and cultures.
It is a unique place to study. The environment is Islamic, the challenges and whole structure is marvelous. I have completed my lectures and exams already. I am already missing the campus atmosphere.

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