Sunday, 1 March 2009

Cast system in the Gambia: Article to come later

I am taking a break from my dissertation to write some personal knowledge on cast system in the Gambia. The reason being, even though, our societies have moved on from certain cultural practices deem unacceptable for modern man. Cast system continues to exist. I feel strongly about it's elimination completely. It has no usefulness today.
As a Muslim, it is required of us to speak against injustice and oppressions, no matter who is doing it. In the article, i will claim that the Kombos are innocent of the divisive practice. This is because, they don't bother much about which cast somebody is to accept his marriage proposal. This cannot be said of people from the provinces.
I will also state, cast system is practice by all the tribes in the Gambia. I limited the discussion to the Gambia as a way of being precise and focus.
I will certainly accept alternative opinions on the subject, this is because we cannot all see through the same mirror.
people have moved on, a person whose great gran parents were considered slave or bonded folks, are now rich, wealthy and educated. They don't need assistant from anybody. They are rather taking care of the socall free Born's. The graft men and women, considered, lower cast can be considered skilled professional. In a proper setting they can help in developing societies effectively. They are equals partners in our communities. Not to give much away now, the article will i hope trigger folks who uphold the divisive practice think and abandon it completely. It is against the teachings of Islam and common social good.

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