Monday, 2 March 2009

Another African tragedy. Bissau Nino Dead

Today marked another milestone in Africa's fragile history. The president of Bissau, Nino veira was shot dead by the country's military officers. Nino came to power through coup and overstayed. So long as our African leaders cannot know when to go away, this kind of tragedies will always occur. We can be certain that, this will not be the last.
When African leaders rely more on their military and witch doctor powers than protecting the rights of their people, instability and violence will always be the order of the day. I hope peace reign, but on grounds that is beneficial for the whole.
I show Abdoulie wadah of Senegal also on the news clip, he too look old and weak. why can't he too just handover and move on? Our own Yahya Jammeh is now entering his 16Th in year power and there is no signs that, he is going any where. The sad episode continues. God help us.

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