Tuesday, 24 March 2009


I want to conduct a public-step by step piecing together of an article on 'bleaching'. I will refer to the act as sand papering. This is because, skin bleaching is nothing but removing the outer skin to expose the inner one.

Sand paper is use to smoothen a wooden material or rough things. The act is meant for non-living things. But when a living human with eyes, brain, five common sense, passion engages in self-humiliation and public ridicule, no one should sympathise with such person.

The thinking behind 'sandy face':

Do you as a man have a sister or spouse who bleach?

What is your reaction to the act of bleaching?

The same question can be related to women. How would you react when your sister starts bleaching?

What is bleaching? A layman explanation will be, an act of applying creams to whiten one's body.

But then there can be more complicated definitions.

I for one is too young to know when the act of sand papering human body commences. But through personal observation, the act has been around for years now.

Why did it start? well, the sure answer would be low self-esteem and lack confidence in the skin one is in. The emphasis on beauty being in the colour 'white' or 'light' complexion, black or dark skin people find ways to look white or lighter.

Like any thing that is demanded by the people, a market will arise for it sooner or later. The existence of demand for bleaching products trigger some entrepreneurs to produce creams that can medically remove the black skin and expose the lighter one.

This process is not as straight forward as I just state. Oh no, it involves a combinations of creams. some very dangerous and harmful to the human body. That is why, it burns the practitioners. This can be considered unnatural.

Why the 'sand papering'?
As stated earlier, beauty definition being in white or light, creates a natural tendency of non-white people doing their utmost to look like the character depicted beautiful.

The practice is done by mostly women from non-white background. This is more than a mere urge for women to look white at a very high cost but the male gender fuel the desire too.

Men are the engine behind the industry of skin bleaching.

A bold claim some will say. Ask yourself a simple question? Why do you look good? Who do you make the effort to look good for?

When you answer this simple questions, then you will find out that, women go at extreme length in beautifying themselves for the male gender. This can be for a specific man or as a way of attracting attention. I will rush to say, some women look good only to be comfortable in themselves.

I will tackle the social side of the discussion later.
Personal reputation
The overall effect on Black people
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Anonymous said...

Suntou, your definition of skin bleaching is not nearly accurate. Skin bleaching is not the same as "sand papering". It is not the removal of the top layer of the skin to expose the layer beneath. That is almost a myth. Skin bleaching agents (creams) contain a chemical that removes and or supresses the production of melanin (a natural chemical in the skin that gives its dark color and protects against uv rays of the sun). This is what makes the skin appear lighter colored.
The closest analogy to bleaching is tanning by white or light-skinned people. While I do not support or condone skin bleaching, I thought I would suggest this correction. Thanks again for your thought-provoking topics.



Thanks Kay for the comments. I am equating the two practices to show the reasoning behind both actions.
Thanks for the comments

Skin Bleaching said...

I don't understand why people skin bleach. You shouldn't change what your are given by God!

Skin Bleaching said...

Chemical peeling is what you described i think.
Bleaching is danerous, don't do it!