Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Would Halifa's Incarceration fortify his position?

Many recent postings on the plight of Halifa Sallah is promising mainly on his image building. The question that observers are wondering about is, would his incarceration boost his popularity and influence?
Is the landscape of Gambian politics ready for patronising a man who wish to be martyred for them? Halifa made it easy to analyst and commentators to pin-point his wishes of being arrested by the Yahya regime. He said "i am the lamb to the slaughter". Well, I for one would rather have him live than kill.
The Gambian politics is such that, Halifa may gain little influence after his release. I standby the claims that, the message of PDOIS/NADD is lost in transmission. Halifa's personal qualities are admirable, but like each and every one of us, he too has serious defects that close observers may pounce on which may derail the headway he secured himself.
I am ready to clarify that statement if asked. Our politicians have serious problem of ego and control. They are hardly change their position even after alternative opinions are put in front of them. Halifa is no exception.
I hope that, he seek legal representation in this case. He can do the opening and closing statement in any court of law. But the legal proceedings should be conducted by a train lawyer.


kebba.lamin said...

By the way, I like your new photo better.
Any way, the incarceration of Mr. Sallah may add little to his already "large influence and larger than life personality" in the short run. In the long run though, even his critics or doubters like yourself come to raelize that this man is certainly ahead of his time. If there is any righteous person in the Gambia, it is Mr. Sallah. If there is any selfless, just person in the Gambia, it is this man. If there is any great citizen in the Gambia, it is Mr. Sallah. Gambians should be ashamed of themselves; they should all get up and go to Mile Two central prisons in buses, cars, bicycles, and on foot and demand to be locked up with Mr. Sallah until his demabds are met-that is the ceasation of human rights abuses in the Gambia... .
Thank you my friend.


Thanks Bro Keba.Lamin. I like your optimism of the man Halifa. For now, i join all his fans and well-wishers in praying that, he come out alive and well.
Later, we can analyse his impact and influence. The Gambian political landscape was smoothen for Jammeh by our current politicians. They got their tactics wrong and now, the small snake that grow to be capable of swallowing us all is on the loose. Halifa is certainly brave, but it may be too late in the day for him to have any serious effect on the current stalmate.