Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Imam Fatty's Recent Sermon

To say that I am disappointed with Imam Fatty for his sermon backing Yahya Jammeh on the witch hunting saga will be an understatement. Imam should realise that he doesn't have a glue as to what Yahya as been up for the past fifteen years.
The frequent pilgrimage and umrah shouldn't deceive him. Imam knows very well that, throughout history, scholars who stood against injustice where oppressed and persecuted. Including many renown Islamic jurist and scholars. From Ibn Taymeyaah, Imam Malick, Abu Hanifah and many more.
The wise thing he should have done is keep quiet or admonish the president on the repercussions of oppressions. Human beings are the personal commodity of God the most High. He will inflict severe punishment on anyone who oppress his creatures.
I will take the time to call him and express my disgust and disappointment. He should know better. Anyone who appease a dictator is guilty by association. Imam Fatty knows Gambians are suffering, The country is not safe. Only the nature of Gambians is preventing all out war.
I hope Imam avoid disappointing people who has high regards for him. He should stay away from making political statements if cannot confront the dictator.

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