Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Dictator mania

Is it just me or are you as a Gambian watching closely what is happening to our media brothers/sisters? It seems to me, love and mutual respect is darely missing in and among the brothers and sisters. This is a serious worry for Gambians who are fade up and tired of dictatorship and its treats.
Dictatorship is not just practice by rulers but by common ordinary folks as well. When people use forceful and disrespectful languages against each other, it exposes the dictator in them.

How can one man dissolve an organisation you don't own neither belong to? How can threats be made against people's privacy and personal secrets? How possible in this day and age, folks can intimidate and scare others by virtue of their having a media outlets? This beggars believe!
It seems I was reading Jammeh's Hench men at work. No wonder he has abundant Gambians willing and ready to cause havoc on his behalf.

Whatever a Gambian man or woman does, if that has no bearing on our national interest, that should be left at that. And if for whatever reason one comes in contact with a disheartening news concerning a brother or sister, that news should be left private. News shouldn't become a tool to scare and intimidate. Gambian writers of all sorts should avoid letting their anger control what they say.
As expert writers would say, writing is no different from speaking. When you get angry, stay way from the key board. Insulting other people's mother's and person's shouldn't be part of dialogue and discussions. Decency should prevail whenever we pick a pen or use a computer to write.
Emotions, weak emotions. Weak personality, pettiness and cynicism has no place in the Gambia we all want.
The English language shouldn't become a tool as well to stop others getting involve in Gambian discussion circles. I urge brothers and sisters to concentrate on the bigger picture and stop self-aggrandisement and personal glory seeking. Whatever genuine and sincere efforts one engages in, naturally he/she get recognition for that. Allah make sure of that.
May God guide our actions.

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