Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Not again. A defender of Bunama, with the name Omar wrote a perplexing headline, 'food for thought'. Omar should have written 'in defense of Bunama' instead baffling reader with food for thought. I guess, our society will get use to commentaries that touch on people's attitude and unholy behaviours. From the rejoinder i sent, it reiterated that, my intention is not to name anybody said to be in the video, in fact, i got emails requesting the websites where the video is said to be uploaded. But since smokeless fire is highly unlikely, i decided to confirm the story from reliable people whom i have no joking relationship with. After several confirmations of the existence of the video, from some people related to the man in question's own wife, i decided to write the moral advice article.Yet, people now want me to write in graphic details the content of the video, come on. I will not sit and watch a sex video under any circumstances.
What i did was confirm the story not from radio kan kan as omar put it but from trusted people. SOME OF THE GAMBIAN WOMEN IN THE TAPE WERE BLACKMAILED. THEY DON'T HAVE PROPER IMMIGRATION DOCUMENTS. THE MAN MADE FORGED PAPERS FOR THEM.
Now who will want to push this case further thus resulting in the deportation of some of the ladies? I can take personal expenses and visit the city the incident occur, urging the police to investigate the matter thoroughly as there is an evident public interest. But what happen next when the ladies are arrested and deported?
What would the family say about a certain Suntou? I know the exact answer. Again to Omar, this video existed, if you are in doubt go and ask the Nigerian man's wife. I will not mention any BODY'S name. Omar, the fact is that, our corrupt unislamic life style is nothing hidden. The prevalent boy friend, girl friend relationship is nothing hidden. The sex outside marriage is nothing hidden. The clubbing and many other unIslamic conducts are nothing hidden. These extreme activities are a reflection of our society.
The rise in birth of children outside marriage is no secret in many towns and villages. Even fathers who use to make noise about the issues are now muted. Think about those instead of the hard video copy.I have no doubt that a Nigerian man had sex with a string of Gambian and other national women and he recorded himself cohabiting with the ladies. What we should be concentrating on, should be why some are willing to go this far in remaining or getting a job in the U.K. We have to ponder about the social ills instead of trying to denied the story.
Suntou is irrelevant in the transmission of the story. The brushing of things under the carpet never helps and will never result in salvaging our moral ethics. I will not name anybody, neither will I say where the incident occur. If anyone has a problem with that, i guess you deal with it.



Now Bunama is exposing his self-delution and cover up. I have no desire to respond to him on the allGambian. If he has a problem with my stories and he wish to criticise or find out what they are about, the best option would be to write me an email. He instead wish to put two and two together and trying to be smart. I careless what he thought of the videogate. I have better answers for him but sometimes you let go and choose common sense. His whole village knows about the video, the wife of the man knows about it, and someone very close Bunama know about it. I guess that is the irritation in his writing. wanting me to tell him who KK or LT is rather bemusing. I hope he will start writing to authors and ask them who their characters are. useless venture i would thought.