Monday, 18 May 2009


Alhamdulilah Rabil Alamin. I thank and praise Allah the Almighty, the Sustainer and Cherisher. It is his favour upon me which resulted in the completion of a research work i under take.
I could not have completed the MA Degree without the help and assistance and the prayer of my Mother, My Lovely and caring Wife and my three children, who whenever I feel the stress of the program, their smiles and questions took away all the worries.
The encouragements and kind words from friends also contributed to the smooth completion of this work, they are many but the following people stand out: Brother Bakary Colly IDB Jeddah, Sakou Gassama, Sidi keiter u.k, Motar Coventry University, Lamin Darboe, Sarjo Bayang, Ebrima Kamara and many others.
And also the Gambian brothers and sisters who kindly responded to my survey questions. Without them I wouldn’t have been able to conduct any survey analysis. Among this people are: Sister Jabou Joh, Sister Aisha Saidy, Brother Lamin Touray, Ebrima Conteh, Saloum, Mustapha B Touray U.S, Keba lamin U.S, Pasedy Jawara U.K, Bamba Mass U.K, Saul U.S, Yankuba Ceesay, Karamo Khan Seattle, U.S and many others. I thank you all so much. You made me proud to be a Gambian.
The Gambian Banking experts who provided opinion on several issues, yet they wish to remain anonymous, I thank you all. The Gambia Shariah Scholars who provided juristic analysis of my queries, among them Dr Jah. Accept my sincere gratitude.
I have to give a special thanks to Bakary Colly and Shirley Britton. The two of them made me continue with the topic I selected for the dissertation. Shirley went as far as visiting the Gambia Antony General chambers in search annual reports of the case study i conducted. Brother Bakary continually, advice me on ways to acquire more resources and understanding of Islamic finance in the Gambia. May Allah reward you all.
Finally, I thank and ask Allah to reward Dr Seif for his kind advice and tolerance to all my frequent questions and interruptions. The Admin staff at MIHE and Gloucestershire University , Sister Sarvat, Gainer, Desmond and Dr Siddiqui. My appreciation to Islamic relief for the part-scholarship of my program, May Allah reward you all. Amen .
I dedicated the final work to my late father Ebrahim Morikeh Touray. Rest in peace.

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