Monday, 11 May 2009

PAN-AFRICANIST- Who do they speak for

A response:
He was wrong not to criticise Mugabe. The Pan-Africanist ideology supporters most realise that, any dictatorship or brutality is the same. No matter who commits it.The comdemnation of Mugabe by the west started after he betrays their trust. That is wrong, but does that mean, Mugabe should treat his own people with comtepmt and impunity? No wonder Pan-Africanism is not gaining ground. The idea is a good one, but unless, the promoters realise that, crime is a crime, lack of democracy on the part of our own folks is our responsibility, not the west. The West have united on the premise of human rights, the rule of law and respect for the human being, aka their own kind first. We hate each, we can't stand each, yet we continue to blame the west for all our woes. This is amazing.Another irony is that, some of our own Leading Gambians in the Pan-Africanist struggle ended up living more than half of their lives in the west, what message is that sending?You cannot eat your bread and have it.How often do the regular Pan-Africanist folks living in America, Sweden, U.K, Holland or else were in the west visit the African continent or Gambia for that matter? Most Africans or Black will support the Pan-Africanist idea. But should we be glamourising brother/sisters who has left the Gambia for decades and yet we claim to want know their Pro-Black legacy? What is going on?

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