Friday, 22 May 2009


I am writing a small tribute to a famous commander of Jankey Wally Sanneh, Nfamara Manneh formerly Nguyi Manneh. If anyone have any material or know someone who does and is willing to share please let me know. Nfarama Manneh survived the fall of Kabbu and later became a muslim. His journey from warrior soninke, Maja dolo (maise wine) drinker to the purity of Islam. His legendary role in the battle of Manda and his handing over of his daugther to the Sonko Legend Nghalend Sonko. He was a governor for jankey Wally and a trusted aid.Please share any material you have of him. Eric Ross wrote some musical history the Mandingo history including a bit of Kabuu. There may be a possility to reconstruct the life of Nfamara.

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