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The criticism of Baba Galleh by a new subscriber at Bantaba ( strangely trigger an opportunist comment by Shako, an old time member of the same forum. Shako a bigoted member of bantaba couldn't even bring himself to write my name correctly, and these are the people claiming to be above pathetic tribalism in the Gambia. No wonder serious people don't listen to them, Wolf in sheep clothing.
Shako’s intention is always to elevate Halifa to the pick of political messiah-ship, thus his claims are that, Halifa is the error-free, always right politician in the Gambia.
He dig up old encounters between the veteran politician and the journalist con author Baba Gallah. The aim of Shako is to put every other person down in the majestic audience of the all-right, all-perfect Halifa whose statements against the AFPRC sort of became a fulfil prophecy.
What Shako and his ilks fail to understand, or are deaf to accept is that, many other non-politicians made similar claims to the eventual acceptance of the JUNTA. I personally know many people who made clear unequivocal statements against the JUNTA, yet all this people were one way or the other NGO workers in the Gambia.
Although they had serious reservations about the coupish, that borders on them fearing for their jobs in the likelihood that, donor partners pull out due to the coup. Interesting that too happen.
Halifa and other politicians were also fearing for the sudden change in the political landscape in the Gambia by unknown quantities in the JUNTA. But in all seriousness, the majority of Gambian like Baba Gallah were please to see the back of the PPP. politicians may hide their true feelings, thus capitalise on the hysteria of the ordinary masses, but they too could be having similar feelings. Who were the biggest critic of the PPP?
Are the PDOIS folks saying that Halfa and co were not happy to see the back of Jawara? only gullible observers will believe that.
People are aware of the clandestine roles some politicians played in stabilising the junta. The same people who publicly condenmed the coup, were in turn providing valuable advice to junta in secret. We know their contacts, the junta members they use to pass their advice to, even the receptionist who sometimes call the attention of the junta is known to people.
So i will in every respect defend Baba Gallah and the countless others who backed the coup early on. It was something new to our country. For God sake we were having one government from the time majority of Gambians we'ren’t born to when many of us attain puberty. From when Halifa was junior school boy to when he assume political activism. yet the removing of such a bitter rival of his was not pleasing to him? Please, let us be Shako.
Baba Galleh wasn't a politician, his comment are more valuable to me than a career politician. He was telling Gambians then his true feelings, his genuine observation, unlike the politicians who were fearing for the change landscape.
Baba Galleh after knowing that the Junta we'ren’t going to deliver on their promises quickly made amends and pick up his pen against them. He has been doing that until today. That is what true men do, accept fault and make amends.
Has Halifa ever made any comments as to him getting some of his judgements wrong on any political issue in the Gambia? I would like Shako to bring that to the public domain as well. Hopefully that may sway some few people to the PDOIS cause.

Now lets come to the subject which is always over played by the PDOIS militants. Which is, the duo of Halifa and Sedia refuse to accept ministerial positions by the junta. How many other Gambians also refuse to accept positions in the Junta government? There are many others, so this isn’t a unique selling point folks. After all, civilian governments in African defer a little to military governments in actual practice. Yes people went to polls to vote in the civilian government whilst the same isn’t true for the military ones. In the Gambia there is no difference between the AFPRC/APRC. In other parts as well, the same is true.
Didn’t Abdoulie Wadda accept a position in Joof's government? How did that affect Wadda’s political career? Working with a military regime is not a crime, in fact, by refusing to work with them might be conceive to be a bigger problem for the entire country. Why? The army are people who lack any know-how in governance. leaving them to rule as they like is tantamount to condoning the destruction of the country. By joining them in principle and advising them on clear direction in matters of governance is a noble thing. The whole country could be safe from collapse. And also, one would know the nature of the junta better. That is enough opportunity of gaining valuable hand's on experience in knowing how to deal with them later run.
PDOIS decline to help the junta, but could that have been a missed opportunity in them having any chance of shaping the Gambia's political direction? Will Yahya have contested elections if the man he admired from military days join him in putting in place some of the changes he envisioned?
The issue that PDOIS refuse to join the junta is not worth being use as a simple political point scoring. And Baba Gallah should not be use to propel Halifa in any way. Gambians are today hoping to know, what strategies if any do the current politicians have up in their sleeves that can change the current status quo in our country. The encounters between error free politicians and fallible journalist which happen over a decade ago is of little relevance today. Shako should avoid over playing historical encounters. Every single human being in his/her life time did something that, on a second chance will do differently including Halifa and others. So Baba Galleh should be proud of himself and continue on his magnificent efforts in the media field.
Baba being humble enough to mention that, Halifa won and he loose is the height intellectual tolerance.Not in a million years would we see such actions from error free, all-perfect politicians.
This is my view, i didn't wish to respond to Shako in a public forum due to the fragile unity efforts on the way, but here i can make a fitting response.
Suntou Bolonba Touray


ebrima said...

Baba Galleh's comments about PDOIS's rigid stance on thier principles have an element of truth.

PDOIS is too rigid to survive as is to survive. It has its base only in the Kombos and loosing support fast.

Politics require a give an take approach.


That is the point Ebrima. Again, they don't want anybody to tell them the faults within the party whilst that party build itself on the back of monumental criticism of the PPP. what an irony.

Anonymous said...

well said guys and i will add that both Halifa and Sidia may in some way or form cotribute to the present state of affairs back home. I used the word may for the simple reason that i dont know for sure how influntial they, halifa & sidia would have been in the AFPRC government. If the word in the street at the time is true, that Jammeh is a die hard PDOIS supporter, that both men were his heroes thus the reason for oferring them cabinet positions in the government, imagine the type of advises these men could have offered the junta from the get go. Jammeh and co may be the face while halifa, sedia, darboe etc are behind laying the necessary ground work for the new government. That was very possible provided they accepted the offer and Jammeh was willing to use their expertise for the betterment of the country.


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