Monday, 18 May 2009


In Nko doo or mandinka dwellings remember never to:
"If you wish to live peacefully among the mandinkas, leave the new bride of a mandinka man alone." he can kill over it, do all sorts unforgiven things for his bride. nna Manyorin."

when in fula dwelling remember this:
"If you wish to have a long life among fulas, avoid trangressing againt a fula man's young bull." for a fula value his bull so much, he can kori teh you with the twinkle of an eye."

remember when in a sarahukeh town:
"To have peace among the sarahuleh's, then never come close to their wealth. money is like God to them, if you mess with their money, invite death upon your self."

Words of a wise sarahuleh man. I hope some don't take this words out of context. They are funny and may be true years ago. since not all fulas have cattles now, not all mandinkas worry about their new bride and not all sarahulehs are mad for money.

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