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The Distorted History of Islam By Orrientalist

Part 1 By Suntou Touray
The perceptions we have of each other is such that, genuine dialogue is stifle and tugged away in some stinking lock room.
Since every society, community, tribe, race or religious group take sides. We each stand behind our own barricade and think, perceive or assume that we can detect in the action and response of the opponent terrible faults we can use to tarnish them in every given opportunity.
The values of us talking about what really matters get lost in the peddling of erroneous information. Yet our communications, comprehensions and information transmission don’t occur in a vacuum. It has become a habit of many to wilfully distort facts and refuse to see things in the right context and perspective, yet this people still wish people to take their wrongful and deliberate analogies serious. They have coined all sorts of criminal terminologies ready to tag the opponent with it even though they are hardly free from the crimes they label at others. Amazingly, a one world ideal is what is being promoted behind all the debates for peace and togetherness.
The western image of the others is neatly constructed by the orrientalist whose main aim was to help shape the cultures and religion of others. The strategy of the orrientalist has always been hiding behind scholarly and academic works usually formulated out of context to slowly destroy the other.
Wyn Davies accurately observer that, “in a ‘western’ secular world where religion is relegated to personal preference and minor matters of conscience and where God has been killed, people who takes their religion seriously appear not only out of step with modern times but quite abnormal.”
She went on to state that, the action of religious people are “judge against the backdrop of a bloody conflict between organise religion and forces of reason and liberty that has nothing to do with their own history.”
The views of Muslims are disregarded by the ultra-secularist who use their dominance over the Christian religion to ridicule and held every other religious person with contempt and abhorrence.
Sensible readers and observers should be able to see the continuation and peddling of cynical and contemptuous views by those who agree whole heartedly with the dangerous works advanced by the western historian who elevate their legacy above all others. The west through its institutions of learning has fashioned intellectual cultural tools with which they attempt to explain Islam and Muslims. Academic Institutions like the University of London’s SOAS were created just for that. In fact google the reason why SOAS existed and you will see what i discussion here. The role of SOAS is to educate eminent British men who are to assume the role of ruling the colonies. ‘Know about them before you go to them’. They also try to pick and choose collaborators among the colonised subjects and make them think like the masters. In simple terms ‘brain washing’.
The imagination of the average westerner is distorted even before encountering a single Muslim.
Sarden Sarder observe a pertinent conflict of interest on the western orrientalist intentions, the claims that, they the orrientalist are at an objective position to write about Islam and that their views should be the only true held account of Islamic history. Yet Sarder further analysed that “to make a quarter of mankind voiceless appendages to their own history and identity is to invite conflict. To consign a fourth of humanity to the dustbin of erroneous history is a lunatic action that invites catastrophe.” This is what Tamsier has been doing here anytime he commented on an Islamic topic. The readers that are affected with apparent illness from distortion take the response from Muslim as intolerant to dissenting views.
I will accept and confides that no society or community today is exempt from the western influences in some way. But for a sincere and genuine Muslim, his beef is not with the west in toto, but ideas that are overtly and covertly attempting to make Islam criminal, and therefore offer the Judo-Christian ideals as an alternative.
We have in Islam the purity of believe, of understanding God without going into any funny rigmaroles. Islam is a continuation of prophet tradition that ended after the death of the noble Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
The west and some lazy Muslim takes the western view of tolerance to mean accepting everything the west throw at us, any questioning and rejection borders on intolerance and fanaticism. The cherish universal notion of fair play, equality and justice is lost in misinformation of bias coverage’s. How can those who hold the power to declare war and suffering on you lecture you on rights and justice? How can they tell you about suffering and inequality in mundane issues whilst ignoring the monumental aspects of fair trade, food security, utility and other fundamental human needs?
Muslims have to careful in the historical accounts of the orreintalist whose main aim is to rewrite the Qur’an and entire Islamic history according to their well-planned objective of distancing the believers from the true message of Islam. You will hardly find one of them ready to debate on faith and believe, all they want is to confuse and thus create doubts in the minds of fringe believers. Islamic ideals are based on the paradigm of the Qur’anic teaching, the prophet tradition, the salaf or rightly guided predecessors and cultural practices that do not go against the message of Islam. Believing in only one God without associating any heads or tails to it.

Orrientalist- western writers on non-western cultures, believes and history.

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