Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Project Completion

I thank God for the strength and health he gave me in making the completion of the project successful. I am doing the fine tuning. I shall comment about all those who one way or other contributed to the success of the enquiry.
May Allah bless all of you in advance. There are also other incidences i was meant to comment on. I didn't wish to distract myself unnecessarily, although the issues were relevant. Sorry for suspense readers. I will not be specific in this matter, the case is too sensitive for that. But as a community leader, we owe our members an explanation as to why we didn't interfere in a certain dispute between two warring Gambian parties. Sometimes, it is important to leave certain matters as private. The privacy and secrets of others is more important than trying to interfere and add fuel to fire.
As i said, i will comment on this subject in few days time God-willing.

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