Thursday, 3 December 2009


Yahya is sacking and re-employing his generals and other staff for few reasons:
To blame the sackings on others. By alluding that, he was informed by X, Y, Z. So the re-appointed General or civil servant will now pick up a serious emnity with rivals or colleagues.
Yahya is planting suspicion and animosity in work places and the military infractstructure to get his way. By making senior military men/women suspect each other, he is the only winner.
Yahya can now explain to Drammeh that, his sacking was as a result of Mr X saying so and so. Drammeh will then watch such a person with every bone in his body.
The Jolas are as disadvantage as all others. When you listen to the querries from Jolas, there you will see how Yahya is treating them. Many who were supporting Yahya for flimsy allegiance has now packed up long ago, Yahya never wish any Gambian to have a name, fame or wealth beyond him. The cancer and hatred he harbours will destroy all who feel that, we the critic are useless time wasters. As soon as they start to acquire some few bones, Yahya will turn against them as he does with those before them, be it Jola or Fula. There are reliable information pointing Yahya making night visits to residence of his Ministers, just to see what sort place such people have. How sad can he get?

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