Saturday, 19 December 2009


"Ladies and gentlemen, I knew long time ago that Ousainou Darboe never meant the the above words he uttered thus what I told Baboucarr Ceesay in Minnesota. I always knew that his party and tribal affiliation was supreme to him which is contrary to the above statement. Mr. Ceesay I say it like it is. I observed a big coincidence that only Mandingos came here in the defence of Osainou Darboe. My brother, Jammeh and the APRC always knew this and they have been using this to win the past two elections. For your information, all the other tribes abhors the Mandingos but they will not talk about it in the open but they will say it loud when they go the polls." Keba Foon a Wollof supremacist in 2005.

And they said that STDG is neutral. What a joke. How can Keba Foon be the head of a group who utter nonsenses like the statement above. The words sounds like that which a pet of Halifa Sallah would say. Keba Foon a Wollof supremacist aim to deceive the UDP into accepting dubious plot to hookwink Ousainou. Thereby permitting the nonenity Halifa to able to capture the NADD leadership by deception. What the Keba foon's fail to know is that, Halifa's influence ends online with his harden followers. So placing Halifa on Gambians in equals to telling Jammeh please don't go on any campaign.
Keba Foon is not alone in the Mandingo hating. He was speaking for a collective group. Let them know that the days of maslaha on Gambian issues are over. The days of allowing few cligues to undermine a whole is over.
Let Keba wake up to the new Gambia. An idoit per excellence.

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