Saturday, 19 December 2009

Hijra, Islamic New Year. 1431 Years since Hijra

Today is the 2nd of the Islamic new year Muharram. May Allah make it possible for us all to withness many more years to come.
Our thanks to all Gambian Muslim and non-Muslims and those on the Harunasilo and other deep philosophical spiritual path.
www.suntoumana.blogspot would like to extend this new year greetings to the editors and contributors of all Gambian online media (Editor freedom newspaper, editor Senegambia, Editors allgambian, Editors Gainako, Editors Maafanta, Editors theGambiajournal and Editor theGambia echo.) And also the happy greetings to all politicians and their supporters together with the list managers of the Gambia L and Gambia Post forums, not forgeting the Administrator of in cyber space.
December 18, 2009 was the 1st Al-Hijra (the migration of Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina), celebrated on the first day of the month of Muharram.
The importance of Muharram is that, no Muslim should reside in a country were he/she cannot perform their religious obligations. There is no excuse in that category. One is oblige to migrate to a place where a muslim is free to practise his/her faith without fear of reprisals. Also each Muslims should look into their spritual life and evaluate wether they have cross certain lines deem sinful, thus requiring self-analysis and repentance.
If one is indulging in sinful activities such as: consuming alcahol or eating pork, eating riba or interest, commiting unlawful sexual activity, abandoning ones kit and kin or family, abortion,unlawful killings of human beings, spreading mischeive by increasing corruption of people's hearts, causing devorce by interfaring in other people's marital business etc. Then one needs to repent and desist from such activity.
Allah is open to accept our sincere repentence. In fact to paraphrase, it is stated in a hadith that "God is willing to forgive a sinful person, to such an extend, even a mother whose child angered her, cannot be more please when that child comes back to her in humility and request her forgiveness. The Happiness God shows to a sinner who submit to him in repentance, is more powerful than that mother." This shows that, we shouldn't lose hope and continue on bad activities.
May Allah forgive us our mistakes and guide us into deen-ul-Islam, where we will do what the Prophet Muhammad advice rather than following biddas and innovations which are a misguidance and errors.

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