Thursday, 24 December 2009

Thanks For all The feed backs On Jaliba's Piece

After the Allgambian publish the research work I conducted on Jaliba Kuyateh, scores of readers emailed me expressing their appreciation for the work. I am ever grateful for the comments. In fact, as the part two will show, i took the initiative in researching Jaliba in defense of my love for the Mandingo customs and tradition.

Music is not big in my house, in fact, I hardly play any form of music to be honest. In visiting friends on days off, I am regularly entertain with Musics by Jaliba and the Senegambian musicians. Although, this few occasions of listening to Music never trigger any deep interest in Music, it made me aware of the entrench nature music affects, for the better worst Gambians.

Therefore, I started paying attention to the lyrics of Jaliba Kuyateh. If I cannot shake my legs to his songs, then what is he saying?

I have deep interest in Mandingo proverbs. In the songs of Jaliba, i notice he always use a proverb in each track. I then said, is JALIBA promoting Mandingo tradition in his own way? The old traditional music still appeal to me. Thanks to Janko Solo for his reservoir of knowledge on old music, He has taught me a lot on solid customs. His every utterance in wisdom in old school.

To cut a long story short, he was. My reservation then shifted to his shows were all sorts of dance routines and dresses are on display. But hey, that is for another discussion.

Jaliba will be interview at length on his next visit to U.K. Hopefully something may come out of the project. I thank Kayatta for the valuable observation and comments.

Forward with our cultures. Bolonba

Jaliba's recent videos are unfortunately not available on the Internet for rigorous analysis.

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