Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Our prayers goes to the family and friends of Deyda Hydara who was gun down on the 24December 2004. I was on holiday in the Gambia on that faithful December month. I couldn't believe what i heard on the news. Deyda was a well known personality in the media circles in the Gambia. Whoever killed him, should expect his own punishment. We might escape the law of our lands, but we cannot escape the law of the sustainer of human kind. I pray that, God bless the soul of Deyda and grant him Jannah.

The accusing fingers points to the dictator of Kanilai and his willing Hench men and women. Our message to them is, each blood you spill, your soul shall bear the brunt of the punishment later. You cannot escape the infinite justice of God. The death trap is, as you kill, your soul is wasted forever. You have little hope for salvation. Crimes committed on such abominable proportion demands equal recompense.

Why should people allow themselves to be used by another mortal man? Why should men place themselves at the service of other human being by committing acts which literally destroys ones present and next life?

It is so sad that people are allowing themselves to be bogey men for evil dictators in the capacity of Yahya Jammeh and his ilks.
Down with dictators and murders, down with all those who do the dirty jobs for them.

"There is no obedience to the creation in the disobedience of the creator" prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him). All those who abide by unlawful orders in killing fellow Gambians are the lowest of the low. Their lives are not worth living. Be man enough and decline to undertake such commands warranting in taking the life of another human being. What you do today will always live with you.
Rest in peace Hydara

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