Tuesday, 1 December 2009


What do the future kings see?
As in Vadasco’s portrait to the Spanish king
Is this life the end of it all?
God is never dead
Man’s inhumanity and vanity
Is man’s attempt to divert attentions
To the void
Of the blank pages reflecting greed
Cruelty, power and control
Seeking fame and fantasy
Devouring the weak
Inflicting carnival of death
Picnic of fears
It is there then
Man plunge into illuminating the uncertain
Craving superstition and darkness
Atheism and boundless dive into the abyss
Of yes, yes to this world
Speaking flawless
Acting saintly
Alas, the creams fake the vision
Of course, they all intend to be the real contenders
Or shall we say farce pretenders
The Gambia shall watch and make sense of
Hats in our ring!!!!!
It shall all come to pass
In our own grand pendulum’s self-promotion
The truth is not hidden any longer

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