Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Tobaksi 2008 speech by 8 year old Sedou Jallow

Asalam mu alaykum

Praise be to Allah who deserve all praises

My name is Saidou Jallow

As you all know we gather here to celebrate Eid Adha (Tobaski) which is a very special occassion for all the muslims to praise Allah, to enjoy and to celebrate with families and friends.

I just want to remind you the importance of being together as ONE

We are meant to brothers and sisters
To love each each, be kind and caring
This is what brings us together

First we must love Allah, then ourselves
Our neighbours and others around us
To help relieve pain and stress

Being together and loving each other is what life is all about
Things get better when you are being thoughful of each others needs
Togetherness takes away all bitterness and hatred

For the meaning of togetherness, we must bond our hearts together
Having mutual respect and understanding for each other
Showing that you care each step of the way

Alone, I cannot change the world
Alone, I cannot build an empire
Alone, I cannot be remembered
Alone, I cannot fly like a bird to spread the word UNITY

Remember behind the success of every community or society, there must be togethernes

You our parents lead the way then we the kids will follow you foot steps, surely we shall not lost our roots.

May Allah bring us together and guide us along the straight path AMEEN

Thank you for listening

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