Friday, 26 December 2008

Generating Value through Absteenance

One thing that puzzle me among the Online Gambian community is the apparent lack of involvement of people in dialogue made easy by the Internet forums. Folks like me may be seen to be having too free time to waste, thus our continuous engagements online. Nothing is further from the truth.
I read once in Robert Green's little book on the wisdom of leadership that, "leaders can generate value for themselves by abstaining from public view". This is indeed true. But when the people engaging in dialogue are the average ordinary man and woman, i wonder why so many just read and say nothing? It is a fact that Gambians are hooked and regularly read news and other online discussions. Yet, folks with PHD, MBA, MSC, MA, BSC etc stay away being too important to engage.
Academic certificates doesn't equate knowledge. A PhD is not the end in itself, but the means to further academic institutions and recognitions. The scores of Gambians with PhD's tend to be more aloof than many, they tend to be less proactive in the community forums, why? The only answer could be because they see their PhD as the ultimate achievement in learning and thus they wouldn't want any nonentity to spoil their status or credibility. This is a wrongs and inept reasoning. Among top bloggers are renown professors who engage with people regularly, They educate and are at the same time educated by others.
Unless Gambians who believe they are educated start open up and engage with the masses, elitism will always be the order of the day. People want others to celebrate them, held them in high esteem yet they are unproductive with their minds to their fellow country men and women! How ironical.
The fact is whether you have Masters or PhD, is not relevant if it only benefit you and don't share what you know with others. You will do good and improve more if you share and interact with people of your background. They know you better and will challenge you succinctly in perspective. Yes, people can get personal, but which country's people don't?
I am all for dialoguing and interacting. I only started writing online two years ago. I enjoy it, and will God-willing scribble my little sense. You will generate better value and true professionalism by engaging rather than self-imposed absenteeism. Write whatever you know, people will benefit.

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