Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Gambians In Coventry City Celebrate Tobaski

Here are some of the Tobaski get-together pictures. The event was lively and joyous. The day was crown by a speech by an 8 year old boy. The event was to bring together regular attenders of our meetings and those who concern themselves with party modes. We are an inclusive organisation geared towards unitying Gambians and Senegalise people. Thanks


Anonymous said...

How different is a MA in Islamic Finance and Management to a Regular MA programme? Just curious.


Thanks for the querry. Any MA is just a level of qualification. All MA's are the same, there is MA in Economics, diplomacy, law, accounting etc. This are different subjects but the same level of qualification.
MA in Islamic Finance is just an MA in a different descipline with unique value systems. MA in Islamic banking is based on how islam wants people to conduct their finances and how to deal fairly and ethically according to the maqasid shariah (sharia principles).
But the MA title is the same as any MA. infact, we also do the normal subjects of Finance and also the islamic finance so that we can have both conventional and islamic understanding, it is like killing two birds with one stone.