Friday, 26 December 2008


Today is Friday, a day of Juma. May God make it easy for us all to attend the Friday prayers. We pray that this Christmas pass peacefully without any drink driving accident. May God guide the souls of all mankind into his eternal bliss.
Another sad merry go-round in Africa. The ignorant fools leading the way. The military junta in Guinea. I wonder whether there is a blue print that they can use to rule? Men that just descended from the barracks, with very limited educational background and absolutely very little diplomatic or professional training stirring a whole country. What is it that Guineans expect? Our case in the Gambia is perfect example. Yahya originally came for two years, now that is 15 years still he is angry over nothing. He has built in his mind that he and his tribe were victimised and denied access to everything in the previous regime. He still believes to remain in power without term limits will salvage and further push the masses into oblivion. That is a gross error of judgement. More Gambians are getting qualified and capable than before. No amount of exclusion or arrogance will stop decent people progressing.
It is Friday, a day Jammeh came upon Gambians. And also the Junta in Guinea. Lord save us from the evils of the African Army. Amen.

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