Sunday, 6 March 2011

Poverty And Human Dignity

"If poverty is a man, I would have killed it" Ali (May Allah be Please with Him)

Many people sell their dignity for fear of poverty, people betray friend's, close partners, for fear of poverty. People allow themselves to be used negatively for fear of poverty. Dictators use us, becus we fear losing our jobs. Some even go as far as kill for a corrupt despot all with the backdrop of maintaining a living standard.. In order words not to lose their post. What is more low than selling one's soul for pittance?

Don't waste your life by killing or torturing fellow human beings for anybody on silly orders. Neither is religious fanaticism any basis for indiscriminate killings... Always remember to take the middle path and be moderate in whatever you do.

Islam is not against seeking Halal wealth, in order that, you may use it to help others, perform Hajj and give Zakah. ..Also to be thankful to ALLAH.


Anonymous said...

This is such a human issue that crosses color religeous and ethnic borders. The things that people are willing to do to each other in the name of ambition and gain is atricious. We have to remember that God has abundance for all who seek him, and if your increase has to mean someones undeserving decrease then it is never belong to you.


An excellent point. Indeed it is only when people take others beside God as a source of their livelihood. In God let the believers put their trust.