Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Yahya Jammeh most Go. 17 years is a long Time

We can do without you.
UDP U.K calls on the party executives to prepare the support base for a standoff. The UDP youth wing's countrywide tour currently ongoing should energise and prepare every single party supporter for a serious campaign. The planned trip of the Executive to the Provence's this weekend should solidify and reinvigorate the spirit of the people. UDP has the following, the base and logistics to take on Yahya Jammeh's bully boys.
The world is with us. No tyrant can again fire on innocent civilians. We know the dynamics of our country, we also know that, for any revolution to succeed, all section of the Gambian society must unite. To unite doesn't mean to intimate one another, but see the common good. We all hear the language in use in Libya. The blame game there is on forigners, alcoholics, blacks etc.
Our own divisive mad man will use the cheapest tool of all: Tribe. Yahya will use that and labelled us one tribe against his rule. He will intend to divide Gambians on that front and this is a powerful tol that we should not underestimate.The contigent deterent to that is to activate the diverse section of the UDP support base. The language of self-preservation will fail, his Cassamance hench men will want to defend him, however, no single human beings wish to die, they too will run.
The momentum is for us to be determine and ready to stand. We shouldn't allow any member of our party to be arrested on flemsy charges again. The youths and elders should be informed and a match taken place. UDP U.K call for the Executive to hold a candle lit vigil for Kanyiba Kanyi at his residence. We call on the executive to remember the likes of Sidia Sanyang, Buteh Boy, and countless other party militants who died from injuries sustained in the hands of the evil Green monsters.The protegee of Gaddafi has seen his rule book overturn in few days.
The Green handbook of Yahya Jammeh is worthless if we stand together. Gambia can do this. The laws has failed us, the politics has failed us. The UDP and her sister parties have said it all, they have sacrificed personal fund to change the status quo, however, Yahya has the entire Gambian resources at his disposal. From international aid to grants, from IMF loans to IDB loans, fom the Kuwaiti Funds to Taiwan's regular cheque, from rogue deposits to money launders. We cannot match Jammeh with finance, but we can match him on human spirit, truth and justice. We can send him packing with our collective voice. Jammeh has recruited the best of twisted Gambian brain to study everything for him. These Gambians see only their personal success and fortune.
Like the Libyan state mercenary, our own Gambians aids to Yahya Jammeh are the worst of the worst. However, the UDP can instigate an atmosphere to end the fears that the paramilitary instill in Gambians. The Libyans have stood up to Gaddafi, so can we.Yahya Jammeh led the toppling of Jawara mainly because he said the later was corrupt and over stayed in power. However, Jammeh is now clocking 17 years in a few months time. What is the difference between 30yrs and 17yrs? The facts on the ground proved beyond reasonable doubts that, Yahya Jammeh like other former military dictators have forgotten the main reason he overthrew Jawara.
Gambians are not in need of your so-called patriotic development, what Gambians need is a regular change of leaders in reaching a point that, no single leader will consume our national wealth like his personal resources with little or no repercussions. Jammeh's personal wealth surpasses any living Gambian today, even if all the business men put together, he is richer than them all. We as a people can deal with our problems, all we want now is for you to resign and allow for an free and fair elections.There over 100,000 capable Gambians to take this country ahead. You are not the only man born of a woman who have the best interest of the country at heart. In fact, like Gaddafi whom you have copied from top to bottom, it is all about you, not the nation.
When Gaddafi assumed power, counting it backward, America has six Presidents within that space of time. When you Jammeh took power to date, Britain, Gambia's biggest donor has change three Prime Ministers, they are with their fourth one now. What is wrong with the thinking of African head of states? Why do they think that, without them the people will eat grass whilst when they were not in power, the people survived without knowing them?
For Jammeh to have a peaceful exit, he must resign, call for national reconciliation, admit his failings and we as a people are compassionate enough to treat him well. Gaddafi, your mentors thought that, no Libyan born of a woman have the balls to stand up to him, but today, he is the one in hiding. The so called development Gaddaif over show are now been bombarded left right and centre. What Gambians demand is humane treatment and a cap on Presidential term. this way, no head of state will recruit dogs to kill for him.Yahya Jammeh most go now!!!
Suntou Touray UDP U.K Coordinator

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