Monday, 21 February 2011

RIP Kanda Fadiga, The Sarahuleh Music Legend

RIP Kanda Fadiga, the man who surpasses Jaliba Kuyateh in the wealthy Sarahuleh community has passed away back in 2009. Kanda sang the praise of the who is who in the tight knit Sarahuleh circles. If you stack it away, Kanda will say it.

Kanda was the most sort after Sarahuleh praise singer in modern times. He was so popular and powerful, the measure of Sarahuleh wealth is known if Kanda sat at your pantry. His words are more of poetic praise sing. His grace and epitomising of Sarahuleh conservatism made him transcending in the complex Sarahuleh community.

Kanda equal ten Jaliba Kuyateh in terms choice of patron. Kanda don't just chose donors of cars, or few thousand Dollars. he reached out to all that is good, graceful, and majestic about Sarahuleh culture, power, fame and religiosity. He resettled in France during his old age, but originally from Mali, the bastion of Sarahuleh riches. No wonder, Mali Sarahuleh would quip that, there are no wealthy men in the Gambia.

RIP Kanda, your legacy was cement in the 'kontin' and strong deep Maraka voice.

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