Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Gambia Echo On President Yahya Jammeh's lovers

The great edtior of the Gambia Echo certainly have his way with words. We have all came to expect only the best written English from him and his witting revelations of Yahya's deeper bosoms. We have doubted certain top secrets from him, only for them to be true. However, I sincerely belief that, our editors like every single one of us have many more reasons to reject the corrupt mafia enterprise of Yahya Jammeh and his helpers.
The question is where should we draw the line in exposing H.E Yahya's bad manners? The conferring that The Gambia Echo's editor says he is currently doing is unnecessary. Yahya Jammeh obviously like all other dictators and tyrants before him have little manners. What they portray in the open in the opposite of their innerself.

However, revealing the string of women he slept with will be damaging to many people. I know we have all talked about Yahya's bad manners, however, what people do in private, relating to the consumption of Alcohol, adultery or fornication and other human deficiencies, such acts should be left private. The women who are alleged to cohabit with Yahya did it with full control of their actions.

Our beef is with Yahya and those who are helping him destroy the Gambia, not those he is pleasurising with. May be some of the women he purportedly slept with have mend fences with their husbands and are moving on. Revealing such people's names is a catalyst for recking relationships. We all have skeletons in our cupboards. Our leaders are answerable to us, and we have to take them to task on their responsibilities.
However, what they do in private with women or other individuals in a private capacity (not dealing public wealth, human rights and other similar things), we should generally comment on Yahya's bad manners, but leave out the women. Obviously, some can respond by saying, he uses his position to entices the women, but as I said, they have the right to say no. In a similar vain, those who accept his jobs have the choice to say no, but they don't. How we deal with Yahya's associates are a delicate matter. I hope our good editors can balance this act perfectly. Brother Sankareh, thanks for all the wonderful articles and exclusive revelations, but let this one go.
Kissy Kissy Mansa cetainly do expose the backside of the many faces of our tyrant, let him focus on the important ones. On the legal front, the women or parties involve can sue for libel or defamation.
Finally, a snip, why is associate editor Mathew's article in many places but the Echo? Mathew with all his baggage is a tasty writer, and he has grown to grasps issues quiet well. He will be an asset for any editor. He has the stamina and determination to express his two cent.

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