Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Recalling the Open Letter of Abubacar Bailo Jallow

The link above to his open letter.

In the struggle to free the Gambia of an entrench dictator, Abubacar Bailo Jallow stood out tall when the right of Halifa Sallah was infringed upon. Bailo Jallow use to work at a global accountancy brand in the Gambia. A young good looking man who could be enjoying all the finery's of the high Gambian societal live, Bailo instead chose to take a stand.

I applaud Bailo continuous for abandoning all the pleasures his education and the high status his job accorded him. Many young and middle age aspirant to good jobs in Gambia are ignoring the human cost of the dictatorship inflicted upon the whole nation. The accusations against secular educated Gambians hold true. Number matters more than anything and our quest to be noticed, acknowledged in the high live compel us to abandon those we went to school for stand for.

Before I am accused of leaving out the religious scholars, they too are culprits in this long struggle, however, the role we play in entrenching the dictator far surpass that of the religious brigade. I am recalling the journalistic stance of Yahya Dampha formerly of Foroyaa who too was arrested and detained. He too endured immensely for doing his job. Also to remember is Mr Saidykhan of the Daily Observer, The abducted Ebrima Manneh, The brutal killing of Omar Barrow and the students, the eduction of Kanyiba Kanyi, etc are the story of young Gambians paying the price for taking a stance.

May God reward this young people for taking it upon themselves to stand where their peers never appear. Abubucarr Bailo Jallow and the rest should always have a special place in our memory. They are young and have a lot to live for. I pray that, God open up the world for them and reward them with great accomplishments.

Bailo, Yahya, Omar Barrow, Justice Darboe, Ebrima Manne, FJM etc, you are among the heroes so far. Let us hope many will stand and end the injustice and one man rule in our Beloved country.

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