Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Peaceful Protest Pioneered By Early Muslim In 610 C.E

In 610 C.E The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) was bestowed with the highest honour of Prophet hood. At the time of his call, the entire Arab society was besmirch in terrible practises and customs. As a snap shot of the short conversation, those who accept the message of Islam practises their faith in secret. The reason for the private concealment of their new faith was due to the fear from the prevailing political and religious customs. The Prophet knew his people, and that any speech calling for a change from the tyrannical idolatry system will cause a violent crack down. To safeguard the small number of people, new Muslims were advised to conduct themselves discretely. However, when the Quran Chapter 74:1-5 was revealed, secret concealment of Islam was ended. The called on the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was to "arise and warn..." Mankind. He started with his household first. And it was from his own extended family that he countered the first major hostility. However, he was undeterred to preach the word of God. When the new Muslim group were informed that, God commanded the Prophet to propagate the message of Islam in the open, they never took a moments hesitations. What was needed is what many famous political leaders led across our generations, peaceful protest. The new Muslims faced the brutal mob of Makka under the leadership of Abu Sufiyan, Abu Lahab, Ikrama, and many tough pagan leaders. Crowds were organise to pelt the Muslims, some were assaulted, exiled, beaten and others less fortunate, murdered. Is there any parallel to our current struggles in Muslim lands and African countries? Yes Indeed. Africans and Muslim must refuse to accept tyrants to strangle them and their potentials. The argument today is not about Western domination, it is more about African hesitation and acceptance of half-baked murderers and tyrants becoming overlords in our respective countries. We cannot today just look to the intellectuals to safe Africa, they can't because they/we always want to be unperturbed. The rantings against the West is becoming obsolete. Muslims cannot continue to blame the West for undemocratic ethics in our countries. We can model democracy to the universal norms and still have a place in our values and traditions. The respect for human life, the cap on Presidential term of office, the battle to eliminate corruptions, the promotion of pluralism, etc etc. Early Muslims took to the street of Makka in match to perform their religious duties. The were attacked, but they made a stand. Today, Africans and many Muslims are at lost on how to deal with tyrants and Monarchs who grew such a deep root, attempting to change them smells of impossibility. Look at Syria, Asad was on the verge accepting the demands of the people when others went along showing unnecessary support to a life President. Muslims have a duty to allow the dynamics of today's contemporary public live to be relevant to them. Live Presidency must end, transferring power to Son's must end. Real voting rights should be instituted so that, every member of society can play a part. Islam will always appeal to sincere believers, no matter what system of government is in place. There are millions of Muslims living in liberal Western countries. They never miss their Prayers, never touch alcohol, never fornicate or commit murder, neither promote terrorism. Islam has always accepted reforms in public live. Qiyas, the concept of Ijma, the development of figh are all part of explaining the faith to comtemporary Muslims. It is time to stop politicians attaining absolute power...

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