Friday, 1 April 2011

Why Women have sole right over a child born in wedlock

Suntou Religion regulate certain aspects of human society. Marriage happens to be one such category. Men are highly likely to cheat on their partners than the other round. God's justice sometimes looks unfair to the Unbeliever, however, polygamy is not a religious precondition. In fact marriage in Islam is on the need basis.What IT meanS is that, if you can live your life without the need for sex, marriage is optional on you. Howerver, in our this sweet, fat comsuming, sexual images in everything age, I doubt many can sleep without longing for six month. One will commence counting the wall papers. The Prophet Muhammad only marry one wife for the larger part of his live. Ali also never marry a second wife until after the passing of his first wife. These are our guide in the aspect of Islam. Polygame is abuse more often that not, just like many men will be cheating and giving all sorts of excuses for their coming home late and inability to romance the Wife. Marriage itself is not stipulated for a man/woman who will not stop cheating after the marriage. If you cannot stick to your wife/husband, then to remain unmmarried is your best option. The rationale is that, the Shariah stipulate capital punishment for a cheating married person, whilst only a 100 lashes for an unmarried person.Coming to why Polygame was recommended by Islam... In many societies, men can have children with women and yet later get married to somebody different. Society then don't count illegitimate children as part of the Will of the father. It mean that children born out of wedlock is left on the sideline. Even in the West, East and North, you cannot even become a King or replace your father. You cannot be a Priest etc etc and even political position is a no go area. Islam sees that as an oppression, a stain on an innocent child. This is why, the concept of Original Sin has no place in Islam, because children cannot have sin. It is is irrational and unjust burden. To safeguard the future of the unborn child, men are advised to marry women before any canal sexual relationship. To safeguard the child name, honour and future respectability is far more important than arguing over whether monogamy or polygame is the best, because women will go into polygamy by their free choice. The strict condition laid down for a polygamous relationship is so high, many men are falling headlong against the rule unperturb... So if polygamy is practise with all the right principle, no father's responsibility will ever be in doubt. The Islamic ethic is that, a father has no claim over a child born outisde marriage. You cannot sue a woman in court for access to a child you had with her outside marriage. She has sole claim over the child. This is why, Sex outside marriage fall under the category of things incuring God's anger... The rule is that, "do not go near fornication and adultry.." A multiple meaning but at the same time meaning, if going to a night club will mean getting tempted to do fornication, then watch out.. If being alone with a sister will wiggle your tail, then watch out... close all doors to your weakness..Marriage is so important in Islam, it said to be half of one's religion.

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Anonymous said...

Sexual pleasure is individualist in nature. If a man can journey with his partner with the proper decorum, there will be no case for complaining about how many rounds one performs.
You have to bear in mind that, such complaint are in cases where men just go for it instead of following the proper protocol.
Islam recommends that, couples be intimate. Our Religion is so wholesome, it didn't leave any stone inturn. The Prophet Muhammad said, before cohabitation, send some greetings to the wife.
To understand the advise in our terms it means, be romantic, jovial and never just drop the pants and go for it.
Secondly, whether it is tradition that one is looking to or Religion, there are avenues that, people will always try to exploit and your observation happens to be on such cases.
Human beings are by nature self interest seekers. We pretend that, we are doing certain things because of friends or family. Traditionally, people use to force their sons to marry certain women and vice verser for women. But the Islamic standpoint is that, marriage is an act between two people (man and woman) on a free will basis.

The friends you spoke to are abusing what they see as tradition or religious stipulation. Many of them, if you tell them, The Prophet Muhammad states, they should attend every Juma prayer like today. And that,they should never for any reason abandon their five dialy prayer and be kind, charitable, not harm innocent people with their tongue or private parts etc, they cannot fathamton such. hence, in Mandinka terms, tawtenya lemu (deliberate behvaiours) Suntou