Wednesday, 13 April 2011

African Resistance against Colonialism

Samori Toure illustrated that state formation was still occurring in Africa even as Europeans attempted to justify their incursions by suggesting that Africans were incapable of governing themselves. Had the French not intervened, there might well be a large, indigenously created states in West Africa embracing all or parts of some of the present states.
West Africans had, in fact, been creating greats for over a 1,00o years and did not require European help. The great irony here was that as Africans began to recover and regroup after the end of the Atlantic slave trade, Europeans again intervened to suppress the freedom, not merely of unfortunate captives, but of all Africans.
Fulani resistance to British rule was the normal reaction of any state and its rulers to invasion and conquest.
The Fulani reaction dispels the European myth that Africans welcomed colonial dominations. Superior weapons, not superior social institutions, forced most Africans to yield to foreign rule.
Claude S Philips The African political dictionary 1982

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