Saturday, 26 March 2011

Africans and Freebie: U.N and AU

Suntou Touray
Africans will always see Ivory Coast kind of backward scenarios. Take the Gambia case for instance. Only a few individual would want their relative to stand up for the people. Each day, Gambians are commenting about how beautiful photos posted on face book are whilst countless number of brothers are in jail.
Ivory Coast case is ugly, but the Western block in U.N will not drop their bombs that easy. Bombs cost money you know. In Libya, the bombs droped will recoup there own cost. We want everything for free. A little DIY should help.
Africans in the West especially should know better. They are crying that, the U.N is not doing much for Ivory Coast. The U.N is not a charity. This is simple basic economics. In your house, every bread and butter cost money, why should the U.N which lack teeth without America, Britain, France take care of Gbagbo whilst we Africans are crying imperialism? Let us tie our waist and stop own mad men. It is our Devinne right. Russia and China will always oppose U.S, and other Allie countries. They never back any action but never stops it. It is the game.

Those of us living in the West enjoy many basic amenities for free. The economy that cater for all those things we take for granted cost money, lots of it. Now if the West (U.S, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Australia etc) send their sons and daughters, their bombs, planes, jets, ammunition's, the diplomats etc to clean up certain countries, are we seriously thinking that, they will do those sacrifices for free?
In Sweden, U.K, Germany, France, countless of our people totally rely on state handouts, this means, all sorts of benefits are claim. Now, calculate how much you get from the state each month, year and then see why, the West don't get involve in uneconomical wars...
But if your individual thinking is that the West should go bomb every country for democracy sake, get real, because you don't go around handing out your hard earn money.
In fact, many of us actually don't want to know when our friend get in dare trouble, we run away from them.
Africans have to chose and take a stand. The Arabs we like bashing for all sorts of reasons have now wised up. They are saying, we need change, we refuse to be dehumanise and to end tyranny, some of us may die. Try approaching an African when you need help.

What are we doing collectively? Many of us are busy ignoring the dictators. Ivory Coast should be the duty of AU to sort out. Can they even do that? I doubt it. For Africans to even imagine total freedom from their former colonial masters, they have to refuse injustices within their respective countries first. Then any unity on a broader level will mean something. Till then, we are hoping and waiting.

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