Monday, 21 March 2011

Exposing the Behind of African Union..They dont represent Us

Suntou Touray
The U.N like many international bodies will not give an ear to African petty despot so far as many of them don't respect and value their people and the common humanity.To the U.N, World Bank, IMF and other unions, African leaders attempt to replace the colonial masters with internal corruption, lack of progress, lack of democracy and genuine attempt to provide food security, education, health and the basic necessities of live makes the voices of African leaders void, unnecessary and irrelevant.

Remember all AU member countries needs the U.N more than the other way round with (all sorts of help).African leaders have to reign over themselves first. Independence alone is not the end of African bondage, lack of respect in the international clubs. African leaders don't respect Africans, and if you disrespect yourself, how do you expect others to respect you?

We can proclaim every single Pro-African jargon, every slogan out there of Pan-Africanism, but without the leadership ready to give democracy a chance, no one, I mean even African will not listen to our dinosaurs, let alone the U.N.It is sad, but the reality is, many of the members of AU lost the legitimacy to be call Presidents. They are Kings, hence they only depend on shadow collaborators to keep them in power, the West is aware of this, the U.N is as well. The AU leaders don't speak for the average African, they don't represent us, and we careless if they are kill in the streets, on their luxurious beds or Mansions...
For AU to be respected, they have end King type Presidency. Give democracy a chance, limit terms of office, allow the Opposition the ability to have access to the media, give the press the rights they deserve, support anti-corruption bodies, set up independent institutions to oversee all aspect of the government and public offices.We will love them, by default the U.N will pay heed and Africans will start to command respect.
For the AU to have powers in the security councils may increase the avenues for earning more corrupt funds. Rogue states will start buying them before every votes, in essence, the corruptibility will only spiral out of control. Let AU put its house in order. restrict and ban all leaders that have rule beyond ten years. Help strengthen the media, the opposition, student unions, trade unions, etc etc, we will be a force to be reckoned with in 20 years. Thanks for forwarding the article.

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U.N security council membership will enlarge the funding capacity ruling parties have in Africa. They will sell their votes and the end game is the opposition marginalisation will continue non-stop.
Let African Leaders cap their terms of office, if not AU is a club of greedy Kings.