Sunday, 5 July 2009

The Remnants Of The Nyanchos

Kabunka balanas remnants
Men choosing death over disgrace
The parody of bravery and willingness
Where are the remnants of kabunka kewlus
Are they here or have they demised
Yet changing lanes in modern society
Men can be men if kept in-line with good teachings
Fear of God and respect of fellow man
Where are the Kabunka balanas
Today is today, yesterday is gone
Fan kun fan kun is the order
Don’t let them catch you, my kabunka friends
The trow is still here but the spirit is gone
Stick with truth now and remain in God’s lane
Tipu korto and majah doloh
Kumaa baa foo and Jamun dIma
Sidoyaa anin laban tiinya
Where are the remnants of the nyanchos?
Muu nyo mann nyon-soto
Suturo maan nyon soto
Nka nko kumo lefo aliyee
Taa moo kana ale badalindi
Kubaa bee laban, kun din
Saya wote baye lah
Nyancholi tubita
Allah yee tuboli mutale
Be on the deen nyanchos
That is the final verdict.

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The few Mandingo words i use can be understand differently depending on the dialects. But since i speak the deeper Gambi Bolong mandingo, i will explain them with that as a base:

Kabunka kelus: This is refering to the entire kabuu men. They use to vow to attain excellence in bravey or myterdon. the griouts would say, this sort of men are extinct. I would say, may be a few are around.

Fan kun fan kun : this means the selfishness that is now unhidden. people chosing number one even in dire situation were the majority plight should be considered first.

Tipu korto and majah doloh: tipu korto use to be a certain fashion of trouser in the old days. the top is tight and the leg end is widen. maja doloh is the maize wine. the nyanchos like that trouser i heard to bluff.

Kumaa baa foo and Jamun dIma: boostful remarks and seeking praise for the big talks.


Sidoyaa anin laban tiinya: early death and improper end of life. here i took a swipe at the Nyanchos for prefering to die early instead of living up their dreams. i find them curageous but one should stay and finish a business instead chosing death. But the other side of their chosing death is that, they will never tolerate humilation, death is better.

Muu nyo mann nyon-soto: pataint have no equal. when one can be calm on the face of adversity, you are a winner.
Suturo maan nyon soto: to be descrete have its virtues has well. it is not good to parade everything about you, leave some issues hidden. an air of mystery.
Nka nko kumo lefo aliyee: a talk in Mandingo
Taa moo kana ale badalindi: The phinomun that travel has created in our society is open for all to see. the sudden change in attitude and mannerrism. the adoption of host country culture, the abandoning of religious activity. the boostful mentality, the rudeness and drinking and rediculing of religion and religious people. the full-blown secular mindset and many other issues associated with unexpected exposure. Don't let the travel made you abandon faith.
Kubaa bee laban, kun din: every major things ends up a little thing. If you think you are big, wait a while. just becus you have BMW does mean, the world end there. stay calm.
Saya wote baye lah: death is inevitable. sometimes our intelligence deceive us.
Nyancholi tubita: the nyanchos have accept monotheism, ie Islam
Allah yee tuboli mutale: God has accepted the repentance.

Thanks Bailo for allowing me to explain some mandingo phrases. God bless