Sunday, 12 July 2009


It is Gambians for whatever reasons who allowed the situation to get to this far. From a skinny wet lips lieutenant to a fat bloke who doesn't seems to know the limits of anything.
A man engrossed in praise seeking and partying mentality (by the way, he is not on his own in the love for partying). We all allowed him to slowly control the entire free space of Gambians, now he doesn't know what to do with them. So what should Yaya Do with the rights and security of Gambians?
Today, anyone who stand up to him is considered a person who doesn't know his good, he/she is termed a foolish person, a show man/woman. People are regularly calling their relatives, "don't be part of anti-yaya events", why do they say this?
the rasonale is that, God will take care of the situation, Yaya's time will run out. They have it all work out. Just mind your business, think about your family, your trips.
Is this what life should all be about? Prophets of God stood up for justice. The sacred scriptures even say, some of the men of God were killed. example is John the Baptise was beheaded. The prophet Muhammad was oppressed, he migrated but later stood up to oppressors. Jesus was tormented by his enemies for speaking up for the poor.
So it is not a noble thing to mind your business, neither is it Godly. The Qur'an states That "we should as men stand up justice and be witnesses for God...".
The least some of us can do is speak up or write up. Those in u.k, attend the demo. most of us don't know a single journalist who is today facing unlawful prosecution. But they are after all our fellow country men/women. To Yahya, he is doing nothing wrong. We are all jealous sobs, unpatriotic useless Gambians. Is that thought of him correct?
Well, you decide. But none of us is safe from Yaya's claws, you might be mistaken for a critic, as the English would say, "God works in mysterious ways". Your silence may not safe you.
The prophet of Islam says, the least we can do about an evil is hate the action with our heart, but there times for that. Let Yaya and his men see you or hear you speaking about the crimes. That is a much better reward than the twiggy silent hate.
The late Bob Marley sang in Zimbabwe in the track Africa liberate "NOW IS THE TIME TO KNOW, WHO IS THE REAL REVOLUTIONARY". African indepence and self-governance was not the real revolution, but how we treat each other, view each other, love and care for each other.. this will determine the out come of our freedoms.
some of us talk too much, but don't you think that we have too much time. may
God guide our actions.

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