Thursday, 16 July 2009


Thanks to Allah the almighty, the all wise. I got my results today from the MA dessertation i did on a Gambian institution which refuse point blank to offer any help with information. With the grace of Allah and some good people, i was able to bypass them and get bits and pieces of data here and there. I pass the project with good marks, even my supervisor was impress with the outcome.
I cannot thank those who help me with the data, some of this people are working in important institutions and i don't want to name them. May Allah reward them abundantly. My graduation will be in November this year God willing.
I am deeply humble, and may Allah protect and guide us all. Amen


Anonymous said...

Congrats Santafara for your completion of an important educational miletsone.
Put it to good use, and do not steal our money; you know I don't trust accountants :)...
Good luck, my friend.



Thanks a lot Kay, your love of knowledge gave me extra boost. I shall God willing do my best to improve mine and others condition. i appreciate the kind words.