Sunday, 19 July 2009


The tradition of group Qur'anic recitation is nothing but bida (innovation). This is not found in the tradition of the prophet and his companions. The Qur'an extort its reader to ponder over the verses and commandments. How can everybody reading at the same time make one concentrate on anything?
So the actual event (reading qur'an for yaya) is just another time wasting rigmarole and a biding to gain few favours of an ignorant buffoon.
The traditions of celebrating death, ie 4o days celebrations, partynising Hajj and the frequent group Qur'anic recitation are all ploys to make religion entertaining in the wrong way.
In the final analysis, people can do what they want, secular or religious but using religion to patronise a human right abuser is a complete misrepresentation of religion let alone Islam.
Islam frees man from the oppression of man's errors and wrong policies to the abundance of Allah/God grace. The occasion is nothing but a party atmosphere and not anything associated with Islamic customs. The occasion will in fact incur the anger of God rather than generate blessing.
Those in the Gambian religious hierarchy are as greedy and self-serving as the many of us hiding away and doing the messy and dirty jobs for yahya. we shouldn't be thinking that, religious leaders are any different. anyone can be a religious leader. The title sheik bestowed on Yahya doesn't make any sense just like his doctorate, professorship etc. Yahya is a complete contradiction in every aspect.
What happen to his early business associates today? many of them are either bankrupt or in jail, he is dipping his fingers into everything and religion is no different.
The bestowers of the titles know fully well, the man is a joke, all they are doing is fulfilling a paranoid man's ambitions and they get to live their life peacefully.
"Every religious innovation is rejected" Quran. many folks continue to make their families host qur'anic group recitations for them, i ask those people, who is that listen whilst more than 20 people read at the same time? why not try reading the Qur'an yourself and use the money given to reciters to the poor and needy students or orphans. That may be more bless-full than gathering many for a practise which is completely not rooted in the Sahabaas tradition.
Muslims should continue reading the Qur'an themselves and try to understand the message. This will attain them reward and greater understanding of the final testament of God the most high.

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