Thursday, 9 July 2009


The all encompassing game
Men stand toe to toe to other men
Not observing the conditions
Not knowing, neither making any efforts to know
This game is expensive
It is ruthless- men get killed
The news get reeled
Talks get tough
Experts paraded
Decent suits and decorated resumes
The speech though is worst
It is a game
Some call it noble
Whilst others see it as murder
In this game, the gamesman plays serious
Yet the mannerism are choreograph
With touching words-far reaching
Unlike many other games
The activity here is unreal
Made belief scenarios
A spectator’s nightmare
Dire you choose a side
Just like a two sided blade
This game don’t demand open support
Don’t worry, the game is never over
Where some stop, others continue
That is the policy, a job
All in all, the tasks are to bend hearts and minds
They say in pursuit of enduring freedom!
Against mad men, wick players, evil advocates
In destroying them
First blood gets spilled! Stray drones unsettle here and there
Better still, it is all a game- master minded by shadows
You think about it

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