Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Broken Pen Of the Gambia

At the top of the hill
Sat an old, dejected Gambian scholar
Who use to scribble fantastic essays and books
There he sat, along with very few who takes
The pains and solitude to think

They think loud to us in the pages
and cover of magazines and books
We adulate their grand minds
and hope that, many will emulate
the audacity and sacrifice

The pen then was in good hands and great thinking minds
Minds that encourage protest writing and thinking
Sitting elegantly and heads held high
Under our soft Sun, the Buhabas (Scholars)
Exhibited the talent to communicate

We took their words and believed that,
They are genuine
That was before the test to their character
and personal interest hits home

The Pen is broken, the Gambia’s pen is dented
broken by the celebrated writer and author
Alas, it downed on Gambia that, not all that glitter is gold

(Nana Grey-John, a key player in Gambia writers community
Is found wanting when he is needed most)
Hypocrites at best
Gambia Writers forum should distance itself from him)
WAG needs to rethink and be bold

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