Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The brave Gambian journalist: Musa Saidykhan and Others

I am proud to be associated with Gambian journalist, although I don't count myself as one. I am certainly even more proud to count Musa Saidykhan, a friend/colleague at kibaaro, a survivor of unimaginable brutality by the coward, sadistic killer President Jammeh. 
Musa Saidykhan was electrocuted countless times, his back was sliced, his wrist was broken like a log of wood, his body was so badly tortured, only God knows how he survive. So if you still think a President who stoop so low as to inflict brutality on fellow Gambians is a good President, then you need more repentance than the Satan himself. God forbid oppression on himself, why do we condone a President ordering his men to butcher fellow country men?
 If you say you fast for the sake of God, then search deep in your heart, why we look the other way in the midst of serious crimes against innocent people. July 22 brought with it some glimmer of hope, however, the dept of blood stench, is so sobering, sometimes you try to cry, but no tears come. 

May Allah calm the hearts of all those Gambians whose love ones have been brutalized and maltreated, some killed by our Commander In-chief, Our own national President..On his Orders. The evil men taste the pains of there crimes, is a sweet day for lovers of Justice. Can Deyda Hydara be brought again, can the lsot years of Ebrima Manneh be repaid, where is he? Watch the video and see

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