Thursday, 18 July 2013

Pregnant/Breast feeding Woman should not Fast

If God makes something easy, why complicate it for yourself? Ramadan fasting month create a buzz in people, both men and women. Some sisters even start covering their heads, some find the quickest available guys to get hitch. All of that is self-delusional. What is important is, whether you are married or single, stay sin free..Marriage is not a requirement for doing good or bad. Yes, the institution of marriage is blessed and all eligible bachelors should be encourage to marry, but please don't do it for Ramadan. Another subject is, very clear sound hadith of the Prophet Muhammad explain that, "women who are breast feeding, pregnant, very old people who cannot fast..." feed a poor person a day. That will replace the obligation of fasting for them. 

But certain Gambian sisters are refusing to obey that Prophetic providence. They are saying, they will repay all the month of Ramadan when they are strong enough after pregnancy, breast feeding. Come on sisters, how many voluntary acts of worship can you do, that you don't, why make Islam difficult for yourself in just fasting? If you are breast feeding a baby or you are pregnant, eat and drink, and provide Fidya (food) to a needy person for each day. If because you have money to give and you felt, that option is easy..Please remember, there are countless others who cannot fast due the above conditions, but at the same time, will find it hard to feed a poor person...Our religion is easy, learn the basics and read it. 
No one will confuse you. May Allah forgive our mistakes/sins and make us better human beings. Let our educated sisters please say something. We are having some sisters insisting fasting after breast feeding and pregnancy..Imagine we guys have such allowance...Nothing is more nobler than motherhood, don't underrate it...Jazakalah

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Sama said...

This website gives the legal rulings on fasting in pregnancy, what to do about missed fasts, and medical advice and evidence on fasting when pregnant or breastfeeding. Pls read.