Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Hands off First Lady Zenab Zuma Jammeh

Leave her spend to our money!!
By Suntou Touray
Gambians are misplacing their priorities these days. Zenab Zuma Jammeh is the wife of the enduring, long serving President of a tiny West African Republic (The Gambia). Her husband is among the ugliest African heads of states, past and present. In fact, he leads the way on ugliness bar, the likes of Idi Amin, Yazimbe Yadema of Togo, and few others. President Jammeh picked Zenab Zuma Jammeh in a Morocco hotel according to some sources. She did not travel to live in the Gambia, because she love and like the country. She is in the Gambia because she is married to the richest man in the whole of the country.

Zeinab Zuma went to the Gambia in search of a brilliant life. She didn’t go to our country to settle for our small super markets and riff raff clothing shops. Oh NO, she is a high class social girl. President Jammeh married her, knowing she is a man eater, and an expensive one at that.
She is a hustler who will gather wealth and then head to a place dear to her to spend. Aren’t we all hustlers? If we gather some money, where do we head to?
An overwhelming amount of Gambians will travel to Banjul to enjoy their hard earn money. Some will frequent hot spots by the beach sides, night clubs etc, whilst the more sober ones will undertake investment in property and the like.
Zenab Zuma sees herself as a hustler in an unfriendly environment. The Gambia is too low key for her. She is not from the country and evidently, does not like the country and her people.

Her husband, our mandated head of state, the man our people voted for in the highest political office is our business. Zenab Zuma has every right to spend her gains, in whichever way she deems fit.

And by the way, she shouldn’t be judged on her lack of fasting. How many Semesters to the Gambia fast? She is enjoying herself. Our focus, target, camera lenses, secret photographs should all be aimed at President Yahya Jammeh, not poor old Zenab.
Zenab lives in an expensive apartment; she drives expensive cars, and eats expensive foods. That is what she works hard to attain in life. You might disagree with her, like I do, but then, that is what she chose to attain success by.

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Gainako said...


Good observation, but I think you are missing the point many well meaning Gambians have on this. Not about those insulting her but the level headed people who discusses her critical role as a first lady.

She has not filled the shoes of a first lady. She doesn't seems to care, and we have a responsibility to highlight what the roles and responsibilities of a first lady should be and can be in a poor nation like the Gambia.

personally I think people are right to be critical of her lack of care for the poor especially the women in Gambia..She is not better than them but only selfish period...

Demba (Gainako)