Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Sedia's Flemsy Excuses: The Deceptive Trick

The Talks between UDP and PDOIS
This is the most un-gentlemanly behaviour I have ever read from a senior Gambian politician. Sedia was hasty to say the least. Ousainou hasn't yet gotten back to him whilst he is consulting with members of the executive, some of whom are travelling the country on the voter engagement. Yet what did Sedia do? Instead of phoning Ousainou to discuss his apparent fable rumours, the imagine tale, he did what PDOIS are good at, run to the media. This is a man who many believe is easier to deal with than the rigid Halifa. But make no mistake; Sedia has sold his soul to Halifa. Whatever Halifa says, this is what he does since their marriage began.
It is shocking, annoying and a complete armatures conduct. All over the world, speculation is a bed-fellow with politics. However, responsible politicians don't jump because people are saying X, Y and Z. Sedia was brought up in a village level where the need to honour ones word is a core ethical man to man dealing. Whoever twists his hands disgrace him beyond redemption. Shame, shame, shame.

Ousainou virtually pursue Sedia for weeks before he agrees to meet him. Sedia was advancing all sorts of excuses, saying "I am travelling to Wulli, To South Africa, etc". Some PDOIS supporters are saying, Ousainou made mention of their meeting. This is untrue, a false lie that seems to dominate the illicit propaganda within PDOIS. Their media obsession is such that, private discussion is thrown away for cheap publicity. Let PDOIS be warn, we are no more going to ignore their pretences.

Ousainou honoured his discussions with Sedia. He did not say it anywhere in the Gambian media fraternity. Hence where did Sedia or his shadows get wind of the rumours or speculations? Isn't speculation part and parcel of politics, trade etc?
Those PDOIS folks saying that Ousainou made mention of his meeting with Sedia should ceased the lying. It was at the Brikama Rally that, Ousainou said "I am willing to meet my elder Sedia at any place of his choosing". He said "I want Sedia to call me, I will come and answer to him". Does the statement above imply divulging on a private meeting? The see-through PDOIS age old propaganda is unveiled. Let them cease the chest pumping and bravado.
The reason we want to sit and talk is simply to act like mature elders. A face to face dialogue will bring down facades created by supporters and the media. Face to face talks create an atmosphere of personal touch. The unnecessary love of media war is evidently detrimental to our Unity and togetherness.
To some it is better for Yahya kill than, a person of their distaste, a person they regard as the 'other' to lead the coalition. Their words betray them, we know what their core, imagine and real motivations are. But Sedia, you misfired, you should have acted honourably. Shame!!!

Coalitions are happening all across Africa, yet we never heard of a concept call primary between members of a different political persuasion. Why should such absurd idea be thrust on Gambians by one man? Halifa cannot come to terms with the fact, he is low on the pecking order of Gambian voters choice, desperately counting absent voters is the biggest political gimmick. Agenda 2011 was hastily thrown on the media for the purpose hardening the negotiation processes. No wonder this is exactly what the PDOIS leaders wish to solidify. The fear that, allowing sedia to talk with his colleagues (fellow opposition members) face to face will mitigate a condition were both side have to make concessions. And the Halifa way is the Agenda 2011 way, which means the only way.
We realise as UDP supporters that, misconstrued insinuations and arrogant self-righteous view that, backing a party led coalition will be probing up a party which will not honour its agreement is malicious and sickening. The leaders and supporters of PDOIS wish to concoct the notion that, only they have the best interest of the Gambia at heart. And that, there is no difference between the other parties, therefore they are not oblige to back any of them. This is the pulse vibrating from the marrows of PDOIS.
We say to you, politics have change. The UDP is a progressive party, it will abide by term limits, create an environment of respectable politics. The UDP has dynamic young people who are ambitious and aware of the new political realities. There is no issue in having a leader beyond the two term limit. The UDP is ready to make positive concessions to its peers in shaping a better and progressive Gambia.
Finally, Sedia’s apt and rash action exposed him as an untrustworthy comrade who will spill what two gentlemen agree to keep between themselves. However, it is no surprise that, he went to press. That is the PDOIS way. Complex political dialogue is keep private until a mutual agreement is reached. We see this mechanics in Ireland, U.K, Ukraine, Guinea and countless other places. The intent from them here is to stalled talks by water-mouthing needlessly. Let us hope, sanity can prevail.

Those PDOIS hunters dog calling for ending the quest to bring brothers together should desist and think wisely. Anger and cheap emotion achieve nothing but hate and animosity. Gambians intend an opposition unity, which we will continue to work for realistically. May God make it a reality. Ousainou is no Wadde, he is a gentleman who has refuse to throw scorn at his fellow opposition rivals whilst those with sweet tongue and vengeful minds huff cooked up stats all over place masked with bitter and malicious analysis.
Ousainou refusal to mud sling is giving the false impression to ready blabbers That, they have the most delicious tongue. A man who made his living defending people in a court of law, if such a person refuse to play dirty, it is not lack of knowing how, it is because he prefer a dignify inter-party relation to sarcasm and deception.


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Actually, it is incorrect to say that Ousainou "made a statement regarding the meeting". Where did he made such apparent statement? We shouldn't attribute comment to people no matter how much we are against them. Ousanou at the Brikama rally said "my elder brother Sedia, I am willing to speak with you, call me at any place and anywhere, I will answer to you". That statement was the open invitation well before any meeting between the two of them.
It was Ousainou who pursued Sedia for weeks to meet him. Sedia's travels to South Africa and the flood in Wulli was what is said to delay Sedia meeting Ousainou.
After waiting for that long to meet Sedia, the press release is misleadingly insinuating that, Sedia was waiting in vain. The message purport to convey the message, it was Sedia who instigated the talks, whilst the UDP is dragging it feet. Whilst Sedia knows deep down his soul, it is him who was invited, it is him who delayed the meeting and finally it is him who pretend that, he has been waiting for decade for a response. UDP executive members are engaging the voters across the country, why should Sedia be in haste to get a response?
This is the deceptive politics that is solidifying Jammeh. When two gentlemen made an agreement, what stops Sedia phoning Ousainou, the way Ousainou phoned him to meet expressing his desperation to get an answer? Why should Sedia be compel by the "speculations" not to speak with Ousainou to accelerate the talks instead of firing blank in an attempt to make himself look good at the expense of the talks?
Sedia has all the avenues to see Ousainou, speak to him face to face and try his best to end the so-called speculations. Who was it that twisted Sedia's hands to quell the speculations?
If Sedia is not interested to discuss coalitions efforts, he should be brave and say so, instead of backstabbing breaking simple protocols. The media is not the solution to getting the upper hand in our this struggle, the sooner PDOIS realises that the better. In many difficult political situations, private talks between parties is done not because of exclusivity, but to narrow the differences and take off pressure. We see this in the Good Friday Agreement and subsequent dialogues. The successful coalition in Uganda was done in dignity and mutual respect. The disrespect Sedia manifest here betrays his character. Let us hope, he can be strong enough to listen and talk rather run around with a document created soley to harden the position of his party. Ousainou is no Wadde. He refuse to engage in desperate mud slinging politics. He is committed to term limits and many more progressive democractic values.


I am sure you don't meant to stop me exposing the lie that has been traded here. Ousainou can and will respond, however, this is our world. We have left the talks to go on, we have patiently ignore many more tricks. However, Malick's deceptive comment needed a Gambia L/Post response.
Sedia fired his guns because he is not interested to talk and all well meaning Gambians know that. Why then shoud he stall a just started talks for no valid reasons? And remember, you Joe are among those who blast Ousainou for not breaking PDOIS's folks door down to talk to them. Ousainou followed this Dude for weeks, yet PDOIS demarcate themselves into impossible partition. Talk to Sedia for X, talk to Halifa for Y and then talk to Suwaibou for Z. And seriously we all know who is pulling the strings. Let that person stand forward and enter the talks, and that person is Halifa.

He is the PDOIS leader, instead of Sedia's hands getting twisted to end speculation, let the INITIATOR of Agenda 2011 meet his fellow brothers on the other side. The Gambia is no unique in the sense that, we have to be impossible to achieve a common agenda.
Who will administer the registration of followers of the primary voter registration?
Who will lead them to the INITIATOR (Halifa)
Why should those who accept the idea see the Initiator (Halifa)
May be that is what Obama did before winning against Hilary. or May be that is what happen Ivory Coast or even Guinea.
the Gambia is planet is a planet of its own, or is it?
Hence the ideas that Sedia is cementing is nothing but creating road blocks. And in order to be seen in good light he is pre-emptying even more. UDP will continue to talk, it will virtually visit Sedia at his house if that is what it will take to talk to him. We will not abandon the talks because of unnecessary media cosy affairs of PDOIS, we will talk, if for nothing else, but for the Gambia. The callers to bin the talks should rethink, it is us who cry when our families are harm, discomforted by Yahya. Therefore, some savour taste in other places doesn't mean we are doomed. PDOIS should stop the media propaganda for now, if it would have change their fortunes more the rest, we would have seen that evidence. There are many more days to engage the media.