Sunday, 5 December 2010

Free Legal Aid in U.K for Immigrants

The Chinese will quip that, cheap cheap things is no good, and vice verse but there may be a difference of legal representation between the U.S and U.K. When i said 'legal aided' I mean just what you alluded to. A state subsidised legal representation. There are law firms that are private, value for money who represent clients and then claim the cost from the tax payer. These law firms are now refered to as:
'Law centres'
Law Centres "Law Centres are not-for-profit legal practices providing free legal advice and representation to disadvantaged people. There are 56 Law Centres in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, staffed by solicitors and barristers who specialise in areas of civil law including employment, housing, discrimination, welfare benefits, education and immigration. Law Centres are embedded in their communities and answer to committees of local people. They assist vulnerable people when they suffer injustice, educate people about their rights and tackle local problems. In doing so, they transform people’s lives, helping them to stay in their homes, keep their families together and get into employment or education. Law Centres are members of the Law Centres Federation."
They usually only take cases they can win, because their reward is some how tie to the outcome of the case. There are very high quality solicitors in these centres. They hire the dearest of Barristers if the need arises.
The cost in Pa Modou's legal fees high because of what the solicitor will have to pay the costly Barrister. The solicitor here will get very little.However, it will be wonderful if we are able to raise his legal cost for him, so that he choose the individual he is more comfortable with. Let us see how it goes, we should leave other options open should raising the fees takes a longer time than expected.
We have many rich brothers here, hopefully, they will cheap in privately, there is Dr Jaiteh, our rich accountants Joe, Saloum, Bambalaye, academic scholar like Dr Alhagie Jeng, Alh. Momodou Camara. So £1500 is raisable. May Allah take care of things through benevolent souls. Good work though, remember the Hare and the tortoise race, easy does it.

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